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Compare and Contrast in Law Essays

It is common to use arguments in law essays. Generally, law essays are written to share the writer’s points of view regarding the legal issue or topic. Further, it is also a necessity for the writer to present good arguments in law essays. It is easy to give opinions to single subjects in essays. On the other hand, multiple subjects are more complicated to present.

In the presence of multiple subjects in law essays, we use the compare and contrast method. Comparison is a way of presenting both the similar and differing ideas of the law essay, but giving more attention to the similarities rather than the differences. Alternatively, contrast means focusing more on the differences of the subjects in the law essay rather than its similarities.

“Case Principles Between Homicide and Manslaughter”

In the essay theme above, you can compare and contrast the two subjects (homicide and manslaughter) in the law essay. It depends on where you want to focus. The challenge in writing compare and contrast for a law essay is the focus. Are you going to focus more on the similarities, differences, or balance them out in the essay? It is good to list or jot down all your ideas in the essay so that you will not get lost in your explanations to the topic sentences of your law essay. It is important to establish focus to your law essay by implying this on the ideas presented.

Lastly, you must not forget to make a judgment or a decision at the concluding paragraph of the essay. Judgments are important for your readers to know where the law essay is going. Without a clear decision, your law essay is pointless. If you cannot make a decisive statement out of your law essay, whether to agree or to disagree, then it is better to explicitly ask for the readers’ opinion at the end.

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